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VL Budapest Residency w/ David Gtronic @ AETHER

Dátum 2017-10-12
Helyszín AETHER
Stílus Techno, House
VL Budapest Residency w/ David GtronicAVION presents Vatos Locos + David Gtronic + PolarizeAETHER
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VL Budapest Residency w/ David Gtronic @ AETHER

AVION presents Vatos Locos + David Gtronic + Polarize

Vatos Locos are coming back to Budapest!

They start their monthly residency at our club in mid-October. Since their concept launch at the 2015 edition of The BPM Festival, the crew evolved, launching their own label one year later, traveling the world with appearances at major events worldwide and showing consistency in the studio with a flow of releases and remixes for vinyl-focused labels.

The first member of the crew to spin the vinyl in Budapest is Colombian David Gtronic, one of the most exciting talents on the underground circuit. From our side, Polarize will prepare a special warm-up session with a Hungarian flavor to spice up things.

Let’s team up, ‘cause these guys really know what they’re doing!

☛ Dress Code - Black & White


Black & White • 1000 HUF

Rest • 1500 HUF




    Király utca 13 Budapest, VII. ker.

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