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  • [2018-05-19] Aether Season Closing with Joey Daniel

    After this magical season, it's time to close our doors for a while, as summer is almost here. We will not let you go without a last celebration, so on the 19th of May we are waiting for you with Joey Daniel!
  • [2018-05-18] ZáRAW

    Az évek és az emlékek, mint egy kígyófészek egymásba tekeredve rezegnek a memóriánkban. Vagy nem.
  • [2018-05-12] CityMatiné Heroes

    After a really Mexican day spending with your friends at CityMatiné, what is better than celebrate at AETHER? One thing is for sure, they do not let you go home early, we just hope that you have the batteries to dance off your feet!!
  • [2018-05-11] We Are Cre8tion w/ Sean Doron

    Május 11-én tartjuk a 2017/18-as We Are Cre8tion - Aether bulik szezonzáró estjét, aztán pedig indul a parádés nyári szezon, melyről később tájékoztatunk Benneteket.
  • [2018-05-10] Thursday Techno

    Thursday Techno w/ Ramin Sayyah & Monolit
  • [2018-05-05] Truesounds Music Season Closing w/ Mihai Popoviciu

    Idén sem maradhat ki a sorból egy jó szezonzáró! És idén is Mihai Popoviciu lesz a vendégünk!
  • [2018-05-04] RAW LXXI

    RAW LXXI - Captain Knuckles & Collective Machine
  • [2018-04-30] Made INN presents Samhain

    Made INN presents Samhain - a második menet
  • [2018-04-28] CityMatiné Heroes

    We decided to surprise you with something new.. something you have never seen before, so after the very first CityMatiné of this season you can find us all night long at the dance floor of AETHER!
  • [2018-04-27] Analogue Soul By Ramin Sayyah

    It's time to close the season with a crazy line up!!!
  • [2018-04-21] Aether Heroes

    Heroes represent the best of ourselves, respecting that we are human beings. A hero is someone who is willing to help others in his or her best capacity. This time Monolit and FLUX will be your guides to show you how to defend yourself in this dangerous universe. Let’s just hope that you have the batteries to dance off your feet!
  • [2018-04-20] RAW LXX

    A túlélés első szabálya: a jó kondi. Ha nem vagy elég gyors, a zombik utolérnek és humán burger lesz belőled.
  • [2018-04-14] Truesounds Music 14th Birthday
    @ AETHER

    14 év, néha már a visszaemlékezés is nehéz :)
  • [2018-04-13] AETHER pres. 6 years of MOAN
    @ AETHER

    Moan is one of the most solid labels in the Tech-House scene, working with the best artists. They are now celebrating their 6 years with a tour at some of the best clubs and cities around Europe, like London, Barcelona, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Athens, Vienna, Rome and more..
  • [2018-04-12] Thursday Techno
    @ AETHER

    The first time we met was really cool, that night showed there is a room for Thursday Techno at AETHER.
  • [2018-04-07] We Are Cre8tion w/Phil Weeks
    @ AETHER

    Ha valaki kivívja a kifinomult ízléséről híres, oldschool Chicago-house szcéna tiszteletét, az kétségkívül nagyot alkot. Márpedig a párizsi Robsoul label vezetője, Phil Weeks, egyike azon kivételes mai dj-producereknek, akik ezt a megbecsülést élvezik.
  • [2018-04-06] RAW LXIX
    @ AETHER

    Mi az? - Hálót sző, de nem halász? - Sző, fon, de nem takács? Mi más lenne, mint legkedvesebb fóbiátok, a minden második héten visszatérő táncotRAWpók!
  • [2018-03-31] Aether Heroes
    @ AETHER

    A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. This night Roocha and Jaffa Surfa will be your guides to show you how to defend yourself in this dangerous universe. It is up to you to join us or maybe you will be lost forever.
  • [2018-03-30] Analogue Soul By Ramin Sayyah W/Techno Squad LIVE S3E8
    @ AETHER

    Let’s go Live Modular.. It’s ANALOGUE time!!!
  • [2018-03-29] Techxlusive pres. Techno Addiction
    @ AETHER

    Március 1.-én Captain Knuckles volt az első vendég fellépőnk és mit ne mondjunk… még pikánsabbá tette a Techxlusive zene arzenálját... Mostanra már alig birjuk techno nélkül, ez már TECHNO ADDICTION… Szóval 29.-én a MONOLIT veszi fel a fejhallgatót a két tehetséggel VINCEE-vel és RICARDO-val, a terv pedig minden eddiginél nagyobbat zenélni…képzeljük csak el..lehetséges ez? Ott kiderül!
  • [2018-03-24] Aether pres. The Slum Vagabunds (Fuse Records, PT)
    @ AETHER

    The time has come! This is the part of the year when our Portuguese masters of the scene join us to present what happened since our last meeting. The Slum Vagabunds aka TSV will bring us the all time best vibes, what makes Fuse Records so different locally and globally. SYPER and Vanhell got together as a duo in 2011 and besides being the nicest blokes and cutting edge djs, they have a higher mission. TSV's aim is to bring us to the extreme situations and difficult survival to which man is subjected to in many places of the globe, and that civilization continues to ignore as if it wouldn’t affect us at all. The Slum Vagabunds arise as the representative name of memory and awareness to the imbalance that still exists in this so called modern world, where no one is absolutely saved.
  • [2018-03-17] Lab at Aether
    @ AETHER

    Lab at Aether back to basics
  • [2018-03-16] We Are Cre8tion & Friends
    @ AETHER

    Alig várod, hogy újra egy dögös hazai underground buliban találd magad? Akkor ne keress tovább: a frissen díjnyertes pesti Aether Club és Chriss Ronson 'We Are Cre8tion' bulija tökéletes választás!
  • [2018-03-15] Thursday Techno
    @ AETHER

    We are super excited to announce our newest project: Thursday Techno at AETHER!
  • [2018-03-14] Aether pres. Joey Daniel
    @ AETHER

    Rotterdam – Amsterdam – Ibiza – Toffler – 300MPH – DSTRCT – Awakenings – Time Warp Holland – Mysteryland – Extrema – Elrow – Loco Dice – The BPM Festival – Watergate – Music On – Amnesia – Marco Carola – Orbeat Bookings – Ibiza Global Radio – Café del Mar – Elrow Ibiza – Destino – Cocorico – Dc10 – Pacha – The Warehouse Project – Heart Miami – ???
  • [2018-03-10] Truesounds Music pres. NOX (Fuse Records)
    @ AETHER

    Folytatjuk az új nevek bemutatását! Legutóbb Orosz barátaink bizonyították, hogy az ÚJDONSÁG VARÁZSA mennyire erős lehet. Ezúttal egy temperamentumos latin mágia lesz terítéken.
  • [2018-03-09] RAW LXVII
    @ AETHER

    Az igazság odalent van!
  • [2018-03-03] Aether pres. Sebo K - Patinece Album Release Tour
    @ AETHER

    The german godfather is back to Budapest to present his first LP after 15 years of reigning house music scene. Countless epic releases on labels like Bass Culture, Mobilee, Robsoul, Tsuba etc), being on of the strongest players of the Watergate family and developing his own brand Scenario where he showcases the biggest house talents of the world. This LP passed the boundaries of the genre, so it will be surely exciting to experience the premier with his always grooving style.
  • [2018-03-02] Analogue Soul By Ramin Sayyah
    @ AETHER

    It’s time again to set all the analogue gears up at our club for another live modular show...
  • [2018-03-01] Techxlusive pres: Deepest Hours
    @ AETHER

    Március 1. érkeztével egy újabb évszakkal közelebb kerülünk a nagy betűs nyári menetekig. Bemelegitésnek érkezik valaki, akivel aztán tényleg mégmélyebbre mehetünk…

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