Analogue Soul By Ramin Sayyah

Dátum 2018. április 27.
Stílus House, Techno
Analogue Soul By Ramin SayyahIt's time to close the season with a crazy line up!!!

Analogue Soul By Ramin Sayyah

It's time to close the season with a crazy line up!!!

You already know what happens when our modular guy shares his analogue instruments with Henri (Fran Palermo)... Rock and Techno???

We also got Roocha and Roland Handrick spinning their vinyls to complete this show.

Every instrument got soul and communicates to us!
Analogue Soul gets deeper about the real components and circuits of modular synth which injects insanity into the sound, groove and our spaceship.

Powered by: Funktion-One Hungary

---- IMPORTANT ----

There are two different entry points/queues at the Gozsdu passage, PLEASE USE THE AETHER ENTRANCE/LINE to get the valid whristband to the club!





    Király utca 13 Budapest, VII. ker.

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