Lost Minute x Deepfields

Dátum 2019. január 19.
Stílus House
Lost Minute x DeepfieldsLost Minute x Deepfields|Szoba Studio

Lost Minute x Deepfields

Lost Minute x Deepfields|Szoba Studio

Coloboma live
Li & Baco /Deepfields|Szoba Studio/
DJ Naga /Lost Minute, House2House/
Peter Bernath /Lost Minute, RTS.FM Budapest/

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Coloboma is a furtively performing well-trained producer/musician both on stage and in studio with nearly 15 years of experience. Specialized to hardware-only live acts and improvisation studio recordings.

Szoba Studio is an organizer crew of the Deepfields party series in Budapest. Deepfields combine the different unique styles of house and techno in a particular concept, laying great emphasis on projections and visuals enchanced with multiple projectors and painted slides.



  • LÄRM

    Akácfa utca 51. 1. em. Budapest, Hungary 1073

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