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  • [2018-07-28] Mondays: Off

    Sammy Dee, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves by Mondays: Off / 07.28.
  • [2018-08-04] Move Special w/ Edward (Giegling)

    It’s coming up to a decade since the Giegling and White-affiliated musician let his first production loose into the public sphere, a period through which he has established himself as a truly talented electronic artist. His varied back-catalog is a reflective pool of that which has influenced him: Aiken is famed for pushing a sound which draws on krautrock, characterised by lengthy, psychedelic grooves, but has had some of his most memorable moments with bouncing eccentric house and delicate ambience too. Through all his works though, it’s a close attention to textures and total rhythmic awareness that seems to put them a cut above the rest.

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