Band Members: Aztek, Cifra, Corun

The band was formed in 2003 by Aztek & Corun, however the band remained a home/fun project for years because both members were quite young and inexperienced at that time. After the joining of Cifra, in 2007, the band started to produce actual tracks, but still remaining in a low profile state due to the band's desire of perfection. Today the band is finally active, and looking for bookings in clubs, parties, open airs, festivals. Corun was born in 1985, and playing a guitar since his childhood. He made several rock/metal bands and had many live performances as well. His two most efficient bands are dESCADOS, and Damned Spirits Dance (which is a former band of Aztek as well), which are being still active. After the band became a more professional project in 2007, he was forced in the background, due to his lack of experience in electronic music, remaining the lead singer and guitarist of the band. Aztek was born in 1986, and rejected any musical activity up until his 15s, which is when he realised his talents, and started to make up the time being lost. It took quite some time the develop his skills without any musical experience, but eventually time made its profit. He started DJing in around 2003, performing on several open air parties, and clubs, but still DJing remained a fun activity for him. Today he is the main keyboardist and programmer of the band. Cifra was born in 1982, and rejected musical activity as well, except DJing, which he started in 2002. He remained a pure club DJ, even up until today, therefore becoming more of a source of inspiration in the band. He had DJ performances on several parties, clubs and festivals, and he is still an active DJ, therefore having lots of bookings on his own. He joined the band in 2007 and started to learn the mechanics of music making, but since profession takes time, today he is the main DJ/performer and manager of the band.

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  • Progressive Goa

  • Goa

    A goatrance kialakulásának kezdetei az 1990-es évekre tehetőek, ám a kultúra sokkal messzebbre nyúlik vissza az időben, pontosan az 1960-as évek végére.
  • Drum and Bass

    Amikor '89 party-hősei, Grooverider és Fabio valamikor a kilencvenes évek elején dél-londoni (Brixton, Elephant & Castle) klubokban (leggyakrabban a Rage-ben) a hardcore-on továbblépve, addig teljesen szokatlan ritmus-patternekkel gazdagították zenéjüket – és kergették őrületbe a közönséget – még nem is sejtették, hogy e gondolatokból nő ki '97 Britanniájának mainstream muzsikája.


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