Sensation – Wicked Wonderland @ O2 Arena, Prága

Dátum 2010. május 29.
Helyszín O2 Arena, Prága
Stílus House
Sensation – Wicked WonderlandIdén negyedik alkalommal tér vissza a Cseh O2 Arénába a Sensation! Olvasd el a rendezvény angol nyelvű ajánlóját…O2 Arena, Prága,

Sensation – Wicked Wonderland @ O2 Arena, Prága

Idén negyedik alkalommal tér vissza a Cseh O2 Arénába a Sensation!
Olvasd el a rendezvény angol nyelvű ajánlóját…

SENSATION, the white phenomenon that was born a decade ago in the Amsterdam arena and has completely sold out the Prague O2 Arena three times, will return to the Czech Republic for the fourth time. On Saturday 29th May 2010, 17 500 spectators in the Prague O2 Arena will have the opportunity of experiencing another unforgettable night, which will welcome you to the world of Wicked Wonderland.

This show will take you on a sensual journey to a place full of secrets and surprises, hidden behind white doors. Open these doors and pass through them and experience and enjoy the world of Wicked Wonderland. Your curiosity will be rewarded....

SENSATION will again offer a breath-taking stage with decorations, excellent audio-visual show with the most modern effects, fantastic performances and the best musical experience assured by a quintet of world DJ stars. The whole experience will be augmented by the unrepeatable atmosphere of thousands of white-clad spectators.

SENSATION was born 10 years ago in Holland and since then it has visited 15 countries worldwide, including Australia, Chile, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Belgium and many others. Since its origin SENSATION has been visited by hundreds of thousands of fans throughout the world and we expect sale of the millionth ticket during the oncoming weeks!

Tickets for Sensation Czech Republic are sold through www.sazkaticket.cz network. More information about VIP / Golden tickets and the event are available at www.sensation.com and www.unitedmusic.cz


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