Archív partyajánlók

  • [2020-02-27] Purple Noise XI

    Since 2016 Episode1 is a continuously growing and improving DJ and Producer, who recently became well-known within the world of techno all over Europe. World-famous DJs like Richie Hawtin, Sam Paganini have already played his records several times during their performances. His last track "Panique" was released on Sam Paganini's label "JAM", and entered the techno top 100 on the Beatport charts. Exclusive location, limited capacity and 5 locals in the DJ booth to provide an unforgettable experience for the audience. Join us!
  • [2020-02-21] Techpolis / CAT

    Techpolis I CAT Budapest
  • [2020-02-07] Octopus ■ #TechnOrgasm II.

    A két népszerű bulisorozat ismételten összeáll, hogy ezúttal Budapest egyik elit klubját töltsék meg vidám tech_house és kőkemény techno zenével! A két neves brand fúziója és az ALL STAR lineupnak minősülő 6 tehetséges hazai fellépő a garancia egy újabb felejthetetlen bulira! Mulatságra felkészülni, február 7-én bevesszük az ékszerdoboz szépségű LOCK Budapest-et, ahol egy hajnalig tartó dorbézolás várható!
  • [2020-01-30] Purple Noise X

    Secret Room presents: Purple Noise X /// 2020-01-30
  • [2019-12-19] L'eternité • Purple Amethyst

    We welcome you to join us on another exciting journey to our planet of love and freedom from Aether until Eternity. The Amethyst is a healing crystal that is known as the ultimate stone for bringing good energy. Our mission has always been unity and uplifting between all no matter where. Our inspiration for you this time has been to heal you through the strength of techno. This showcase, Purple Amethyst, will supply you with liveliness which will let you open up your mind to techno and enjoying all the good properties that nights like these can bring your way. With new DJ’s and fresh energies we hope to see you soon, all night long.
  • [2019-12-12] Purple Noise 9

    Purple Noise 9 /// 2019-12-12 // XMAS Special Closing the 2019 season with our residents on an exclusive tech house night.
  • [2019-11-28] Purple Noise 8
    @ secret room

    Exclusive location, limited capacity and 3 locals in the DJ booth to provide an unforgettable experience for the audience.
  • [2019-10-24] Purple Noise 7

    Join us on the 24th of October, and experience the next episode of Purple Noise!
  • [2019-10-12] DFFRNTroom pres. Label Night

    Elérkeztünk kiadónk második estjéhez, amikor a saját névsorunkon a hangsúly és a szorosan együttműködő partnereken.
  • [2019-09-19] Purple Noise 6

    After the unforgettable summer parties, we are back to kick off the club season on the 19th of September with 3 local talents - OVLX and COLBORA from previous PN parties, with the debut of TAMAS SZABO.
  • [2019-08-20] Purple Noise 5

    Join us on the 20th of August, and celebrate on the summer closing episode of Purple Noise!
  • [2019-07-25] Purple Noise 4

    Join us on the 25th of July, and experience the next episode of "Purple Noise"!
  • [2019-06-14] Purple Noise 3

    Be our guest on the 14th of June, and experience the next episode of "Purple Noise"! After two sold-out thursdays, this event will be taking over the Secret Room on a friday night.

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